Marrow Bones Beef (Femur)


This order contains:

  • 1.5-2.1 lb of beef bones marrow


Discover new ways to upscale your meals with our Pasture-Raised Beef Femur Marrow Bones. Our Pasture-Raised Beef Bone Marrow has an intensely rich beefy flavor that is traditionally roasted to a soft spreadable texture. Spread atop toasted sourdough French bread rounds or garlic crostini for a decadent treat or use to create a compound butter to elevate our Pasture-Raised Rib-eye Steak with an incredibly savory flavor. You can even use these bones to prepare delicious beef stock or bone broth with tomato paste celery carrots and onions to serve as a hearty base to a variety of soups and stews. With bone marrow being known to boost the immune system improve digestion and support joint health due to high collagen levels these Pasture-Raised Beef Femur Marrow Bones provide a perfect way to add a variety of healthful creation to your families meals.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in


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